20140320_192648-1Dear Potential Customers,

We proudly presents Dormir products of Latex and Wooden bed as our main business. Our company established in 2006 and started exporting Latex mattress and baby mattress to Korea.

We have established market in Indonesia by supplying latex sheets to local spring bed manufacturers and Latex Hospital Mattresses. With our motto : Provides the best quality and comforts for the customers’ satisfaction , has made Our demands growth.

Hotels and Apartments requires not only latex mattress but also the beds.  So, In this early year 2012, The wooden furniture business just open and started. We have a good cooperation with the Government Plantation and a legal permit for this. We have selected teak woods and produce them into fine furniture.

For more production details please visit www.latexfoam.technology

We realize that to meet your expectation is our Top Priority to do.

Therefore ; Dormir Value your Time – Effort and We Respect Your Dreams.

Thank you for viewing us and hope we can do business soon.

Regards and Success,


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