latex1Dormir Latex is one of latex supplier foam components for the bedding industry. We provide a large range of mattress cores, toppers and pillow cores.

What is latex?

Latex is a white milky fluid, a stable dispersion of rubber (organic polymer) particles in water.


Most of the annual world yield of natural latex is used for the production of tires, surgical gloves and preservatives. A part is dedicated to the production of sleeping products.

Dormir Latex guarantees the use of the best-quality natural latex coming from selected and controlled plantations and tested before transformation in the production process.

We value the use of natural latex because it not only contributes a unique elasticity and flexibility to the end product, but it also stimulates an ecological and durable production.

Latex Mattresses

Latex Pillows

Latex Sheets

 latex_pilow  latex_piloww  latex_toppers

Wide range (length, width, height, standard or exclusive design)
Broad choice out of many degrees of density and hardness (S, M, F)
0, 3, 5 or 7 Comfort zones & possibility of extra ventilation channels
Range based on sound bio-mechanical, orthopaedic and ergonomic principles

Wide range
Hardness: S / M / F
Standard, orthopaedic and
exclusive models

Available as sheets or rolls
Hardness: XS / S / M / F
Thickness: 1-5 cm, in USA up to 8 cm
Solid, perforated (max. 7 zones), combined with other materials (textile, PU, etc.), convoluted
Used as topper mattress, quilting material or comfort layer for various mattress types

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